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About us


Back in the day when users were all connected locally to the network and your applications resided on-site, it made sense to establish a secure perimeter around your network. Now the old-fashioned castle and moat network is far less relevant in a world where cloud and mobility requirements for performance, bandwidth, and security dominate.

Instead, you need to put your defences and controls where the connections occur— the Internet — so that every connection is fast and secure, no matter how or where users connect or where their applications reside. However, organisations will have to accept that they cannot control the Internet.

By moving applications and infrastructure to the cloud and untethering employees from their desks, you can realize tremendous advantages in productivity, agility, and cost containment.

OneSecure was born in 2009, when we noticed this major shift starting to take place globally. User's started plotting their own IT paths, justifying their decisions because cloud-based applications made them faster and more productive, and more successful in their work environment. The security battle line has moved - connecting to the network is no longer enough.  It's about connecting the right user to the right resource.  It’s about protecting an organisation’s digital and physical assets.

OneSecure is about enabling an organisation’s secure transformation to the cloud.