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We Manage Digital Risks To Protect Your Business

Who is Digital Shadows?

Digital Shadows, like its name suggests, monitors, manages and remediates digital risk with a solution that is tailored to an organisation's digital footprint. There is no infrastructure requirement – it is purely a service that monitors the open, dark and deep web for threats and risks to your enterprise infrastructure, VIPs, your data, your brand, your reputation, connected third parties, and your IP.

Digital Shadows monitors over 100 million sources to show you relevant, verified and prioritized incidents that could impact your business.

This is a service that augments your cyber security team with threat intelligence, not really attainable from other sources in such a complete offering.

Interview with The Founders

Digital Shadows, like its name suggests, monitors, manages and remediates digital risk with a solution that is tailored to an organisation's digital footprint.

The Problem Security Leaders Face Every Day

  • Organizations are under constant attack from cyber criminals

  • Employees and third parties are exposing sensitive data

  • Limited resources make it difficult to find or hire the right talent

  • Threat feeds are ineffective and have too many false positives

  • We don’t know which digital risks to prioritize and solve first

  • We lack data sources and language coverage to be effective

  • The disparate point solutions from the past are no longer relevant

  • Our attack surface is expanding; this is only going to get harder

The Solution Digital Risk Management

We notify you with context, recommendations, and remediation approaches when
  • Any of your data leaks online

  • Your brand is being misrepresented online

  • Hacktivists or cyber criminals plan to target you

  • Employees or suppliers put you at risk

  • Key members of staff are imitated or threatened online

  • Criminals are selling your data on the dark web

  • Your infrastructure changes, putting you at risk

  • And much more

What is Digital Shadows?

Monitoring, managing and remediating digital risks across the widest range of data sources within the open, deep, and dark web to protect your organization’s business, brand, and reputation.

Explore Digital Shadows SearchLight™ For Yourself

Digital Shadows SearchLight™ shows you relevant, verified, and prioritized incidents that could impact your business.
Navigate below to experience how we help customers monitor, manage and remediate digital risks.

Main Dashboard

The SearchLight portal is the main means by which we deliver our intelligence, complete with an overview of the latest prioritized alerts, recent activity of threat actors, and wider industry news. Our intelligence and alerts can be consumed in many ways, including through our extensive technology partner ecosystem.

Asset Registration

SearchLight makes its intelligence relevant to you from the outset. In order to search for what you care about, we work with you to understand what’s most important – your critical assets, threat actors and vulnerabilities – and then create a tailored configuration that enable us to tune SearchLight to meet your needs. Asset registration is dynamic – just like your concerns.

Shadow Search

Our Shadow Search capabilities deliver market leading coverage and user experience. Users have unrestricted access to a vast and expanding Digital Shadows content repository to investigate and pivot between data sources, threat actor information and incidents.

Verified Alerts

Our experienced team of intelligence analysts deliver timely and relevant alerts to minimize false positives, and provide context and remediation options. Our intelligence analysts lift the signal from the noise so you and your team become more effective and efficient.

Explore View

Receiving timely alerts is important, but it is also necessary to understand how you look for digital risks from a broader, strategic level. In SearchLight’s Explore tab, users can see all instances of malicious domains, credential exposure, and infrastructure incidents. In doing so, organizations are able to identify commonalities and trends over time.

Threat Actors

Organizations leave behind a digital footprint, but so do attackers. Here organizations can access SearchLight’s comprehensive intelligence repository, which includes: a profile of the threat actor, the threat level posed, known tactics, techniques and procedures, a timeline of their activity, IOCs and links to other actors and campaigns.

Takedown Requests

Identification of risks is important, but so too is the ability to remediateandmanage them.With Managed Takedown service by Digital Shadows, we identify and initiate takedown requests with your approval or at your request seamlessly across a wide variety of scenarios.

Free Text Search

SearchLight also enables users to perform free-text searches across out intelligence, incidents, data breaches, and dark web sites. This includes deep and dark web criminal forums, marketplaces and chats. Bringing these sources together empowers analysts to gain additional context on search terms of interest.

Reporting Feature

The Reporting tab enables users to create and schedule custom reports based on your company’s alerts and the intelligence within the SearchLight portal. These reports are fully configurable and customizable to your company’s brand and feel.

Digital Shadows Named a “Leader” in 2018 Forrester New Wave for Digital Risk Protection

Searchlight leads in DRP breadth and depth, dark web recon, web risk protection, and 6 other key criteria.




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